"I enjoyed studying at Forster College because of the amount of support I got from all the staff here. Learning in a nice and friendly environment is what you need."
College Learner, Feb 2018
"I have learnt a lot of things from this college. The staff have been an asset in my learning and through their help I have gained a qualification in Level 2 Childcare."
College Learner, August 2017
"The thing I enjoyed most was making new friends, meeting a wonderful tutor and learning the background information that could help me to get a job."
College Learner, Sept 2017
"I enjoyed everything whilst studying at Forster Community College. All the staff were really helpful and I appreciate all the help and support given by them."
College Learner, Oct 2017
"I enjoyed the company of my peers and the staff and using what I learnt at college in real life situations."
College Learner, Jan 2018
"Forster College is quieter and less busy than bigger colleges. The staff are fun and always there to support when I need it."
College Learner, Jan 2018
"I enjoyed every thing at Forster College beginning with the helpful staff and their smiles, meeting my perfect tutor who made me love English after I thought it was very hard to learn."
College Learner, Jan 2017
"I enjoyed learning more about computers as I’m not a spring chicken! I thought I wouldn’t learn a lot but I did with the help of Jill."
College Learner, Nov 2017
"I am more confident with myself and I know I can do things like other people can do, like studying at College or at home."
College Learner, Oct 2017
"Forster College has helped me to socialise with different people from which I have gained more confidence."
College Learner, Feb 2018
"My knowledge of safeguarding and teaching children has developed. I understand the importance of children’s needs and interests and how to offer them the best care possible."
College Learner, Oct 2017